How to Have More Good Days With Fibromyalgia

I shared in my previous post a list of things that cause me the most pain. The best thing that happened to me last year was I got a washer and dryer. I hadn’t thought that carrying the laundry down the stairs and to my apartment’s washer and dryer was a big deal. I just thought that doing the laundry made me sick. I would have to start it on a fairly good day and then know that I’d be in more pain that afternoon and a lot more pain the next day.

Since I got the washer and dryer, I don’t have to think about laundry day at all. I don’t have any residual pain that day or the next day. Sure, I still have my normal fibromyalgia pain, but I don’t have any more then I would usually. I wasn’t sure that it was worth the investment but this adds up to over 60-90 days a year where I’m not a 7 or 8 on a pain scale. If you’re in a lot of pain, make a list of the activities that are making it worse and try to find another way around it.

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