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Don’t Wait

This autumn one of my big goals was to change out my summer bedding for my winter bedding before it gets cold. I know this sounds easy enough but I have to put on an electric blanket and a heavy comforter by myself and fold up the summer bedding. It isn’t a huge job but one that I always procrastinate. Every year it effects my sleep which changes how I feel. This year I got it done early but now it’s a little bit too hot lol. I’m going to try and get to these little changes as quickly as possible because they do make a big difference.

How Things Would’ve Changed

I tend to be somewhat of a dreamer. It helps me to keep my mind off the pain and just makes the day more fun. Today I was wondering what would’ve happened if I had enrolled in middle school band instead of orchestra. I could’ve played the drums and might have been worthy of a ludwig black beauty by now. I would’ve had a different set of friends. Plus it’s an instrument that I think I still could play. I dropped playing the violin because my hands hurt too much. What are you dreaming about lately?

Go and Get Comfy

One thing with fibromyalgia is that when something says that clothing is the most comfortable thing in the world; it probably isn’t. There will be a weird seam or the elastic will be too tight or the fabric just seems to burn on my skin.

I saw Carole Hochman pajamas at Soma and then went to ebay so they would actually be affordable. I’ve heard that they are available at Costco too. The ones I bought are modal and are the most comfortable thing I own. I don’t know how long they will last but the elastic isn’t super tight and it’s somewhat soothing on my skin. Go and get comfy you deserve it.

Making Plans

I wish I had big news but I don’t; just that winter is coming. You probably already know that. I think I need to take up a fun hobby this year because I’m in the house so much just to stay warm. Maybe I’ll finally get out my guitar again and find a really comfortable strap or a cool looking one like these and learn how to play. I need to make winter fun instead of just a time when I get sicker. Does your lifestyle change a lot in the winter because of fibromyalgia?

Getting Ready for Winter

I dread winter, although not as much as I used to now that I live in southern Utah instead of northern Utah. I know I’ll have less energy and more pain. I find myself enjoying the last of the good weather and wondering what kind of winter it will be. Anyone else feel this way when autumn hits?

Being Grateful for the Little Things

Instead of focusing on the negative I’m going to start counting up the little things. Yes, maybe you’re sick like me, but maybe you’ve found health coverage. Maybe you have an awesome support system of family and friends who show up for you when you need them. Maybe you aren’t in quite as much pain today as yesterday. No, it’s not November but I think gratitude needs to be a year round thing when dealing with a chronic illness. What are you grateful for today?

Do You Still Blog?

I’ve had some of my blogs since 2006 although I don’t post everyday like I used to. Some of them I will keep up for decades just because they represent a time in my life that is gone but that makes me smile to look back on it. A lot of the bloggers that I read, especially in the home improvement world, stopped blogging in 2014. There isn’t the potential there that there once was for money. There’s more competition. I also think that you just get physically tired of renovating houses after awhile. The bloggers that I see quitting unexpectedly now are all people who made it their entire livelihood or even worked with their spouse. There was no balance because the blog is always on and it always need new content. Do you still blog? If not why did you give it up?

Little Updates

I used to do grand experiments that would last a month and then I would see how my fibromyalgia was doing. I did a few for my business as well. As I’ve gotten older I’m more about focusing on balance. I try to make choices that are sustainable over a long period of time even though the effects will also be smaller. I may try magnetic bracelets for therapy for awhile. I bought a new pillow. I’ve exercised fairly consistently this year. These little changes haven’t added up to much over time. I still weight the same as last year even though I’ve been exercising everyday. As I get older though I know that it isn’t a start and stop philosophy. To be as healthy as I’d like in my older years I’m going to have to eat right and exercise from here on out and I’m dedicated to that although I’m sure the means of doing so will change.

The Experiment I Keep Returning To

Out of all of my experiments I seem to return to The Secret every few years. Every time I try the law of attraction it just turns out weird; maybe because I’m expecting it to at this point. I read a lot of the forums and it seems people usually have either total success with it or it sends them into a downward spiral. It’s something that I wish worked. I do think it’s healthy to have a positive attitude and believe that good things are coming your way. I think it’s even vital when you have a chronic illness. I believe more in just general positive thinking than I do in the law of attraction.

What’s Working for Me Now

This year I’ve gone with more of a less is more approach to exercise. I’m on the couch a lot with my computer working. I do need a more comfortable couch I think click this link for some options. I’ve found I feel better if I exercise every single day but I don’t overdo it with a lot of weights. I’m not losing weight this way but I have taken off a few inches. Granted, I didn’t lose a lot of weight when I was being more aggressive. This has cut down on the debilitating pain the next day and allowed me to stay consistent with my routine. I try to walk two miles a day at a pretty good pace. If I push into the third mile I have a lot of pain the next day. I’m excited to see how this approach works long term and it has really helped me to back off but still be consistent.