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Changing My Focus

I’ve been making websites in some form or another for a long time now. I always have a sense of frustration with it just because I see so many people who randomly hit the internet jackpot and make hundreds of thousands while I’m slowly plodding away. Today I decided to change my focus to realize that I get to do something that I really love to do. Making lots of money would be awesome (and it will happen sometime!) However, instead of the money I need to focus on being able to do one of my favorite things. I wish I would’ve figured this out years ago I would’ve enjoyed myself a lot more.

Exercise That Doesn’t Hurt

Last month I think was the 20th anniversary of when I got sick. Throughout that time I’ve tried so many different exercises. For most people they want something that will take off weight the fastest or something that is fun. I want both of those things but my first consideration is I want a workout that doesn’t hurt either during or after. One of my favorite things to do is dance so I’ve been looking for workouts that incorporate that. I would love to go to santa monica dance studios to learn how to do it properly. I usually can find something that gives me a little bit of cardio without it being painful the next day. Any other fibromites out there who love to dance?

Hardwiring Happiness

Having fibromyalgia is hard. It just is. I won’t lie and say that it gets easier. However, you can still thrive with it. You can still be happy. You can still have a meaningful life. I am not one for meditating but even I can find 30 seconds a day to focus on the good. Learning about the negativity bias we all have and how to overcome it has really helped in my day to day coping.

One of My Happiest Memories

Sometimes when I’m in pain or just in a bad mood I try to focus on one of my happiest memories. One of them was the day I got a new violin. I loved the new sound of it but what was more important was the new case. I still like to look at the ones at musicans friend. Mine had a black canvas outer cover and an interior green velvet cover. It made me feel so much more grown up compared to the older ones I’d been using from orchestra. It made me feel like an accomplished, professional violinist, even though I wasn’t. Even though I don’t play anymore the sight of the case makes me happy.

Trying Tiffany Rothe Workouts Again

These are workouts that I go back to often just because they are pretty low impact. Plus, they are free on YouTube or you can join her inner fit circle for additional help. I found them initially because I was looking for a workout that would flatten my tummy without requiring a lot of crunches and sit ups and other things that hurt my back. Tiffany takes almost a belly dance approach to losing stomach fat so this time I made a commitment to stick with it even when fibromyalgia flared up.

Ironically the hardest workouts for me are the ones where she is sitting in a chair. I think she says that she developed them for her mom who is in a wheelchair but they cause me a lot of pain the next day. After two months I’ve lost somewhere between 7 and 9 pounds. It really takes up all of the energy I have for the day and still causes a lot of pain so I don’t know if it’s a long term solution for me. I will try to keep going until early July and see how much weight I can lose.

Low Impact Exercises

It seems like the skinniest people I know are cyclists. I remember really enjoying this when I was a kid so I decided to rent a bike a few summers ago. I thought it would be pretty low impact but it ended up hurting my back a lot just because I can’t sit up straight for that long. I also only made it a small distance; I can walk much further than I can bike. Maybe if I had a motorcycle from I could make it but that’s the only kind of bike I will ride from now on. Are there any fibromites out there who bicycle still?

Oh That’s What is Different

Yesterday I felt pretty hyper. I was getting a lot done. By the end of the day it dawned on me. I actually had energy, which only happens a few times a year. Today I’m back to normal but it was so much fun to actually feel like doing stuff. Unfortunately, it was an unfamiliar feeling but I’m grateful that I had it.

My Best Work at Home Advice

I’ve been working from home for a long time now. My first piece of advice used to be to always have a backup plan. I don’t really think that is practical anymore because the internet changes so quickly. I spent a lot of time making back up plans instead of focusing on where the money is while there was actually money to be made.

Now my first piece of advice is that you need to have a backup fund. I try to follow Suze Orman’s advice to have an eight month emergency fund. I have found that isn’t even enough. You don’t want to count on a monthly income or you may have to learn about creditors rights in bankruptcy.I don’t know if I would have made it this long without doing so. What is your best advice for working from home?

Fibro Fog or Old Age?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. It seems like ever since I turned 31 my brain just started to go. I can read a paragraph and not remember the beginning part by the time I finish. I spend a lot of time stumbling for words and don’t remember details or events as clearly as I used to. It’s not a huge deal but I don’t know if it is fibro fog or that I’m just getting slightly older. Granted, I don’t think it’s much different from most people I know but I’ve always been fairly good at remembering things. My game plan to fix this is to eat healthy and exercise more. I’m going to try a few supplements, sleap more, and play a few brain training games everyday. What’s your vote, fibromyalgia or the natural aging process?

Hobby at Home

The phrase work at home is fairly common but if you have fibromyalgia you can apply that mentality to almost everything. I either pick hobbies that get me outside so I can exercise which I would have to do anyways; or i choose hobbies that allow me to stay home.

This way I can still do something fun even when I’m not feeling well for weeks at a time. Some of my friends are musicians and I have been thinking about trying out a new instrument. I used to play string instruments but my hands hurt too much. I don’t know if my experience on the piano could translate into something like a microkorg. That way I could make the sounds of lots of different instruments without actually having to play them. Hopefully then I could use a vocoder to make my voice sound better or at least funnier. If you have fibromyalgia branch out your hobbies to something you can do at home so it doesn’t take up too much energy!