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Fall Cleaning

When I have a day when I’m feeling well I like to tackle all of the things that I normally can’t handle. Sometimes I wish lived in cary nc and could hire house cleaning out. If you have the resources I think it’s a pretty good use of them just because really cleaning up does take so much energy. I can’t even get the whole house clean before I’m out of energy and I’m often sick the next day. I do try to really clean and organize twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall but the deep cleaning is usually pretty difficult for me.

Little Things

When you don’t feel well it’s about the little things that make you happy and keep your mind off the pain. This week for me it’s the fact that there’s a Showtime add on for Hulu Plus. I guess it became available in July. Does it stop the pain? No. Is it a small drop in a bucket of why I love life? Yes. What little things are you appreciative of this week whether or not you’re sick?

My True Talent

I grew up playing multiple instruments: piano, violin, and guitar. Now that I’m older and sicker there’s still a few times a year that I play but I’ve discovered my real talent. I’m a great listener. What I think is so cool about the ButtKicker line is that some products can be used for drummers or home theaters. I wish I could covert my other equipment to be in line with my talent of being a great listener and not a great performer. This is really where I want to spend my money in the next few years on quality sound systems because I do appreciate a great song so much.

Another Body Revolution Update

I had to take a break for a few weeks from the Body Revolution because I was sick. I’m pretty determined to finish this though even if it takes me the rest of the year. A 90 day program just isn’t feasible for me with fibromyalgia but I am seeing a big difference in how toned I am even if I haven’t lost any weight yet. I probably won’t get the same results that I would in 90 days but that’s ok. Has anyone else done this Jillian Michael’s program?

That Feeling

I’ve been creating websites for a very long time, over a decade. However, I still get a rush when I find that one domain name. That great domain name. The one that might be a game changer. It rarely works out, but it’s a rush. Hey, some people buy 600 pairs of shoes. I do this.

Doing What You Can

I’ve been in a bit of a rough spell with my health lately but I’ve been doing what I can. Today that was cleaning out all of the toiletries I don’t use from the linen closest. It won’t change the world but at least I was able to do something today and I feel good about that. Soon I want to tackle a few things like organizing my closet. I wish it was easier to open with grant door hardware. If you have a chronic illness then go ahead and celebrate all the things that you can do instead of all the things that you can’t do.

The Sacrifice

Lately I’ve been trying to do more stuff just because I want to have a rich life. However, I almost always pay for it with pain afterwards, even if it’s just driving in the car somewhere or going on a long walk. This balance though is something I choose to accept because I’m sick of being sick. Unfortunately I’m going to keep being sick anyway. I can’t help that, but I can help how I live. I will have period where I need to rest more afterwards, but if you know someone who has fibromyalgia please stop bringing up that one good day they had two years ago where they could do a lot. Understand that almost everything we do is a sacrifice because it’s paid for with pain.

It’s a Big Day

My anniversary is coming up. No, it’s not the anniversary of when I got married. I’m still waiting on that one. Instead, it’s the anniversary of when I got sick. Sure, there isn’t a greeting card for that but it is a pretty big deal to me. I always struggle with how to commemorate it.

So how do I celebrate the occasion? I’ve started being extra kind to myself. If you love someone with fibromyalgia bring them flowers just like you would on any other anniversary. It would be so cool to get a glass with a twist – cylinder vase and have the date on it or just a loving sentiment. That way you can bring her flowers all year long. Sometimes you don’t know how to deal with a loved one who is in chronic pain. You don’t know what to say. Bring flowers and a card, it never gets old. It’s one of the most important times to ramp up the thoughtfulness and romance. Be sweeter than you have to be, even if it’s just for yourself!

Body Revolution Update

So far Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution is going pretty slow because I got pretty sick. Now I’m starting on level 2 and gaining momentum. Even though it’s a 90 day program I know it’s going to take me a lot longer than 90 days just because of fibromyalgia but I really do want to see it through to the end.

I Should Just Switch

Lately I’ve had more time to work on some of my hobbies and I really want to start playing music again. I wish I would have more carefully considered whether to get an acoustic or electric guitar before I bought mine. I ended up choosing an acoustic guitar because it was cheaper. However, I should’ve taken into account what kind of music I like to listen to. That’s the kind of music of course I want to play. Plus, I just don’t sing very well so knowing just a few chords on an acoustic guitar just isn’t going to cut it. If I would’ve chosen an electric guitar I’m sure I’d be a genius at it by now.