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Which Instrument Would You Pick?

I think about the day when I chose to go into orchestra often. I always loved the violin and wanted to play it since 3 years old. There was no questioning about whether or not I would be in the band or the orchestra. On some levels I wish I had browsed around or had access to the wwbw store. There is a totally different social life associated with band. I wonder sometimes how just a small difference could’ve changed everything. I am glad that I play the violin but I would’ve liked to experiment a little more with different sounds.

You Don’t Look Sick

I’ve had fibromyalgia for over half my life and I still get this response to the point that I don’t even tell people about it unless I feel like they need to know. Do people always look sick? Do they look like they have a migraine? I think Lyrica commercials have been great to educate people that fibromyalgia is real but there is still a lot of work to be done. Constantly telling me that I was misdiagnoised or not really sick just makes it much more difficult to suffer from chronic pain.

This Year

This year for the new year I don’t have a weight loss goal. I’ m not starting a new experiment or program. I’m just going to do what feels best for my body. Sometimes this may be nothing. Right now it’s yoga. In a few months it could be something totally different. It’s difficult with fibromyalgia just because I don’t have the energy to do anything but I want to cultivate this new awareness of what I really need. So that’s the experiment for this year: no experiment.

There’s Always a Way

When I was younger I thought for sure I would have a job based around music. I never got good enough at the instruments I play to make this happen. However, it’s still one of my great passions. I wish I would’ve branched out more and gone into sound engineering. I may not be the best at actually making music but I am pretty good at hearing it and would love to know more about all of the electronics and brands like behringer. When I was choosing a career I had such an all or nothing mindset. I wish I would’ve known there are other ways to be creative.

My Anthem

My anthem for bad fibromyalgia days right now is fight song by Rachel Platten. It’s one of those songs that I wish wasn’t played quite so much because it loses a little meaning. It’s on the air all the time here. Any other fibromites relate to this?

Just a Small Change

One thing I do when I’m in a lot of pain is listen to music. Sometimes, I’m not even up for watching tv or following a plot line or laying on the couch. I usually listen over speakers but today I decided to listen on my heaphones. I didn’t realize how much background noise had been distracting me. It was a whole new expierence with music and now I want to invest in something nicer like sennheiser hd 428. Some people invest in their tv but I’d rather invest in music because it’s so much more relaxing and cheaper too. It was a small change that made a big difference.


I work from home but I also spend a lot of time just browsing Pinterest to see what’s popular and getting ideas of what is trending. This helps me choose colors for my websites and just know where the general pulse it at. I don’t have a board for my future wedding, but I do know one thing would be on it: tablecloths.

Where I live weddings are pretty casual and a lot of brides will just skip them for outdoor weddings. I was looking at a – 108 Spun Poly Tablecloth and liked that it could be casual or elegant, and the price is great too.

There’s a pretty cool tablecloth calculator on the site too for the different shapes. I want to choose a shape and size that would also work in my home later on so I’d be able to get a lot of use out of it. There are so many pretty colors to choose from. I’ll have to see what is trendy after I meet the right guy but I’d go for a neutral like cornsilk, toast, or gray. That way it would match any kind of decor. Do you have a Pinterest board for weddings even if you’re not dating yet?

Making it a Home

This is something I’ve really been focusing on the past few weeks, making my place feel as much like a home as is possible. Since I’m sick there are days when I’m home a lot. It needs to feel like a comfortable nest with instant relaxation. I’ve always made sure that it’s comfortable but now I’m understanding how important really decorating it is. I don’t go on a lot of vacations because it’s difficult to travel so my home needs to be a retreat.

Things That Bring You Joy

When you have a chronic illness everything can seem like it’s wrong. It’s definitely something that isn’t envied at all. It’s not what I would’ve planned for my life. However, I find it helpful to focus on the things that are going well for me. I love my nieces and nephews. Sometimes I spoil them or just look at for cute gift ideas. It always brings a mile to my face no matter what else is going on. What makes you smile?

Another Staple

One staple item I think you need if you have fibromyalgia is a memory foam pad. It can be fairly small and inexpensive. I use it for traveling. I also use it on the couch to make it more comfortable and drape a cute blanket over it. Even little subtle things like the space between couch cushions can be painful. It’s just so versatile and it can really help your pain. You can’t stop being sick but you can make it as comfortable as possible.