Blogging Triumph!

I resolved in my “What would I do differently” article to celebrate my little blogging triumphs more. I think that this keeps the focus on writing good, fun content instead of being distracted by money, and it makes blogging fun. It makes it easier to blog when you know someone is reading what you write. Plus it’s fun to make your life a series of mini parties. Today was another mini celebration for me. This article got my first non spam comments on a blog ever. Yes, I’m pathetic I know, but I’m very excited. Thanks to everyone who posted and read, and wrote the great articles from Problogger.


  1. Cindy (2 comments.) says:


    Good point, I actually share the same view as you do :)

    I think too many people are just too focused on making money right from the start when they make a blog. They forgot what it is all about “having fun” and doing what you love.

  2. Karen Makda (1 comments.) says:

    I was diagnosed about a year ago. Have been focusing on increasing exercise and watching what I eat. I have to say it has brought me a great deal of relief from the aches.