Cure Reverse Pivot In The Golf Swing

Cure Reverse Pivot In The Golf Swing

Many high handicap golfers have a reverse pivot in their golf swing. This is a “death move” in golf, and causes way too many swing faults to mention in this one article, but you must cure this faulty move in your swing if you want to have a consistent swing that produces maximum power.

Instead of rotating back (transferring weight) into the inside of the right knee, with a level turn, dictated by your spine angle, the golfer tilts his weight towards the target, with the lead knee caving in, and the back hip getting too high. This is the exact opposite position you need to be in at the top of your backswing. Many times the back leg will also straighten, instead of maintainng the flex it had at address.

This is a brutal swing fault to fix, and one that really needs a reverse pivot golf swing aid to cure it. Being able to turn into a solid back leg, and have your weight on the “inside” of it, instead of on the outside is the goal, and to achieve it consistently, you must trainer your golf muscles using a specific training aid.

One mistake the golfer makes is thinking they need to tilt their shoulders more in the backswing. But, in reality, the shoulders will feel level turning back, but because of the spine angle at address, will naturally have a tilt to it. This is all the tilt you’ll ever need in your shoulders in your golf swing.

So when you make a backswing, think of handing a sack of potatoes to someone directly behind you. You wouldn’t tilt your shoulders to do this would you? You’d simply turn back level, and hand them the sack of potatoes.

You’ve also got to feel like you’ve rotated fully into your right hip socket, with a flexed right leg to fix your reverse pivot. When you can turn level, and into this right hip, you will be in a much more stable position to come down into the ball in the correct golf impact position.

If you are a golfer who desperately wants to improve, you’ve got to make a commitment to your golf training and improvement program.

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