You Know It’s a Bad Fibro Day

I didn’t even realize how bad my fibromyalgia was today but the laptop cord across my legs really kept bothering me. I was getting frustrated wondering why this has never been a problem before. I tried to sit somewhere else or figure out why this would be any different than normal. I tried moving the plug three times before I realized “Oh, the cord always goes across my leg; it’s just that my muscles and skin hurt so much today that I really feel it a lot more.” How do you know that it’s a bad fibro day?

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  1. Kelly (3 comments.) says:

    Wow, I SO know what you mean! I hate that irritable feeling, especially when you don’t realize what is causing it! Some days the pain overall makes me so irritable and I don’t realize until it’s too late to take a muscle relaxer. Once you’re in a flare up, you can’t do much for the pain.